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BB Tarot Card Project - Ten of Bags by Ryu-Oni BB Tarot Card Project - Ten of Bags :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 8 9
SC: Swamp Mess, Part 1
Journal Entry - xx 
I will admit that I was a bit scared when I first saw the doorway. It looked so…alien…floating there and shimmering. I can’t help but wonder if some of my old fantasy books had some truth to them after all and by going through the doorway, we would end up on some other plane of existence. Bruniik laughed that idea off and told me my over active imagination was getting the better of me again…this time…I’m not so sure.  
Sapphire snapped back to alertness the moment her body hit something slimy and wet. She quickly pushed herself up onto her feet and looked around to find that she was in the middle of a bleak marshy looking land that stretched on for a bit before mist obscured her view. “Ugh, did we land on Dagobah?” 
“You watch too many movies.” Bruniik grumbled from behind her. He was carefully walking across the muddy ground and trying not to sink too far in. 
:iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 2 3
BB Mascot: Maze Tracker

Owner: Mascot Bagbean, belongs to all members
Gender: Female
Age: Young
Height:  50 cm
Species: Bagbean
Type: Royal / Event / Mascot
Bag type: 1 Year Anniversary Mascot
Mutations: None
LVL: 0
Magic path: Not ready
Weapon of choice:(more about this will be added soon)
Proficiency: (more about this will be added soon)
City of origin: No one knows for sure, she traveled all the time with Quest while growing up and continues to do so now.
Occupation: Official Bagbean Mascot / World Explorer
Political status: Royal
Personality: Maze is a very curious bean who enjoys traveling and experiencing everything life has to offer. (Except for companion creatures, she's a bit afraid of them.) She likes to keep a journal in her bag
:iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 3 0
BB: Flower Child by Ryu-Oni BB: Flower Child :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 9 8 BB: Puffshimi Pincushion by Ryu-Oni BB: Puffshimi Pincushion :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 11 5 BB: Draw a Flora - Red Yucca by Ryu-Oni BB: Draw a Flora - Red Yucca :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 8 3 BB: Spring Dress Up 1 by Ryu-Oni BB: Spring Dress Up 1 :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 7 2 BB: Design Agnes' Bag Content by Ryu-Oni BB: Design Agnes' Bag Content :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 5 2 BB: Fashionable Floophorse - Lagi the Dancer by Ryu-Oni BB: Fashionable Floophorse - Lagi the Dancer :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 7 2 BB: Food Tasting 1 by Ryu-Oni BB: Food Tasting 1 :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 10 6 BB: Funny Mirror House 1 by Ryu-Oni BB: Funny Mirror House 1 :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 5 5 BB: Carnival Performances 1 by Ryu-Oni BB: Carnival Performances 1 :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 5 2 SC: M'Scuddird Hybrid by Ryu-Oni SC: M'Scuddird Hybrid :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 7 7 BB: Crafty Sunday 04.16.2017 by Ryu-Oni BB: Crafty Sunday 04.16.2017 :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 7 0 BB: Crafty Sunday 04.09.2017 by Ryu-Oni BB: Crafty Sunday 04.09.2017 :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 9 13 DnD Chibis: Fayt Trinnet by Ryu-Oni DnD Chibis: Fayt Trinnet :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 3 15


Alucard by Leomis Alucard :iconleomis:Leomis 9 20 Bagbeans Birdwatching with Katten -Gift- by SonGoku-Monkey Bagbeans Birdwatching with Katten -Gift- :iconsongoku-monkey:SonGoku-Monkey 7 5 Landscape by Momoless Landscape :iconmomoless:Momoless 68 2 Bagbeans Minor Arcana THE SEVEN OF BAGS -Tarot- by SonGoku-Monkey Bagbeans Minor Arcana THE SEVEN OF BAGS -Tarot- :iconsongoku-monkey:SonGoku-Monkey 11 7 Bagbeans Birthday Movement 5-6 by SonGoku-Monkey Bagbeans Birthday Movement 5-6 :iconsongoku-monkey:SonGoku-Monkey 9 6
BB Birthday Movement!
Small update:
It has come to our attention, that some of the update times are different depending on what you have your time set to on deviantart. In order to deal with this, we will follow what i have already started, to keep it as consistent as possible. I have the remainder of the months, and the next already set up. Please feel free to peek at them, and if you have a Bean Birthday coming up, and the official art is NOT the one you want your bean drawn as, then please leave a comment on that birthday page, and i will update it.
Current Month of Birthdays:
Next Month of Birthdays:
If you are interested in seeing a Bagbean Calendar of birthdays, two of our members have been super industrious and made them FOR you already. Please take a peek and thank them for their awesome work - Please keep in mind, they MAY not have their time set the same as mine, uploads w
:iconbagbeans:Bagbeans 94 1,492
#500 Royal Event BB - 1 year Anniversary  Mascot by griffsnuff #500 Royal Event BB - 1 year Anniversary Mascot :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 586 361 Determined Arch: 2/2 Commission for Ryu-Oni by RhoadieNom Determined Arch: 2/2 Commission for Ryu-Oni :iconrhoadienom:RhoadieNom 9 8 Happy Ryu: 1/2 Commission for Ryu-Oni by RhoadieNom Happy Ryu: 1/2 Commission for Ryu-Oni :iconrhoadienom:RhoadieNom 5 3 Pie Eating Contest, for the Carnival!!!! by osterfire Pie Eating Contest, for the Carnival!!!! :iconosterfire:osterfire 17 25 Kingfisher by Lemon-breeze Kingfisher :iconlemon-breeze:Lemon-breeze 17 4 Bagbeans Fun Ride 2 -Carnival- by SonGoku-Monkey Bagbeans Fun Ride 2 -Carnival- :iconsongoku-monkey:SonGoku-Monkey 17 23 Cart Fun by maryd39 Cart Fun :iconmaryd39:maryd39 25 34 [BAGBEANS] WAKE UP SLEEPHEAD!! by LightningClawedSky [BAGBEANS] WAKE UP SLEEPHEAD!! :iconlightningclawedsky:LightningClawedSky 25 28 Pumice Pumice what species is that by Momoless Pumice Pumice what species is that :iconmomoless:Momoless 97 8

To Do List: Personal Artwork

Personal Artwork
:bulletyellow: DnD Chibis - Angel - In Progress
:bulletyellow: Random Era Comic Strip

:bulletorange: Summer Project - Learning how to draw people
:bulletorange: Summer Project - World Building the ERA/Musings Universe
**Summer Projects might not be posted to DA since a lot of it will be practice art or spoilers**

To Do List: Bagbeans


#2 Event - Spring Carnival - NOW CLOSED THE CARNIVAL HAS NOW ENDED! It is no longer the 15th according to the time clock we use for every event. Thank you all so much for playing! We will be calculating all the tickets, reviewing the entries, handing out prizes, and SO SO SO much more. Please be patient and we hope you have had fun! :heart:

A special event to celebrate 2000 members at the Bagbeans group
Griffia is bustling right now! We have officially reached 2000 members and we could not be prouder!
To celebrate, Queen Pisum has had the Spring Carnival come to the city and set up booths and games!
You may follow the rules and play the games to win prizes and Tickets which can be turned in at the Spring Carnival Booth run by the marvelous Mircalla, she might bite but she likes tickets so do not be scared! So have a look around and check out each event and have fun participating.
We have d
BB: Ryu-Oni's Carnival TrackerActive Ticket entries
Post all the art that is in the ticket games, make sure you read the Carnival rules and know what qualifies for tickets! Everytime you join another game you will have to show this tracker so that we know you have the tickets to participate.
ONCE we comment on one of your artworks with "TICKET USED" move that artwork down to unactive ticket entries please!
x19 (4 Active) | 

Active Tickets = 4
Pending Tickets = 0
Unactive Ticket entries
Post all entries you have spent the tickets for here. This means if you have made 5 arts, and you joined a 5 ticket game you will move those 5 arts here.
x12 (12 Spent) | x16 (16 Spent) | x12 (12 Spent) |
x25 (25 Spent) | x19 (15 Spent)
Tickets spent = 80
Tier 1 Game entries
Link any art made for these games. Also lin

:bulletred: Madame Kitty's tarot booth -… - DONE

:bulletred: Hirota's Identity Trial - In Progress

To Do List: Saint Cain

:bulletblue: World Championship Event: Design 4-Way Hybrid

Level Up Goals
:bulletblue: Berri to Level 10 - In progress

:bulletblue: New Bruniik and Cindra Ref
:bulletblue: New Sapphire and Amethyst Ref
:bulletblue: New Shika Ref
:bulletblue: Kizaar Ref - In Progress

To Do List: Anubian Empire

:bulletgreen: Cider Tracker
:bulletgreen: Flynn's Tracker
:bulletgreen: Roy's Tracker


Ryu-Oni's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

I am primarily a colored pencil and marker artist, though for the past year or so I've been doing more digital based artwork and getting fairly decent at it. I plan on continuing to expand my techniques with digital painting and start on learning how to do watercolor and acrylic painting.

I created Ryu-Oni as an account to do fun art, fan art and to experiment with art techniques. Recently it has also become my main hub for participating in ARPG's.
- - - - -

"Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy." - Unknown

"Today, give yourself permission to be outrageously kind, irrationally warm, improbably generous. I promise it will be a blast." -Sasha Dichter

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."-Confucius

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts" -Winston Churchill

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Main Groups
:iconsaint-cain: :iconbagbeans: :iconanubianempire:

Alternate Accounts for my projects:
:icondg-studios: :iconproject-era: :iconproject-recca:


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