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Pirahna Plant Pumpkin by Ryu-Oni Pirahna Plant Pumpkin :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 6 11 SC: Migpabarite Hybrid by Ryu-Oni SC: Migpabarite Hybrid :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 5 5 BB: Griffia Inktober 2017 Complete by Ryu-Oni BB: Griffia Inktober 2017 Complete :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 5 3
BB: Home at Last - Cole
Cole spent the rest of the winter in the human world. He made several other snowmen all over town during his time there, but the first snowmanbean he made was the most special to him. He wrapped a large scarf that his friends gifted him around its neck and guarded it from being knocked down. He was unable to keep it from melting once the weather started warming up though. Soon all that was left was a mushy puddle on the ground, the scarf and the coal pieces he used for its eyes. He hung the scarf up on a tree branch to dry and put the pieces of coal into his completed Snowmanbean bag. He would give them to Fabian later, along with several more trinkets he collected on his journey. 
With the snow melting and no way to make more snowmen, Cole knew that it was time to go. He said goodbye to his human friends and returned the heavier clothing he had borrowed. He collected his things and went to the spot where the portal would appear. Going through the portal took
:iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 1 2
BB: The Big Journey - Cole
The trek to Fabian’s place was a long one. Neither brother had a good sense of direction and a strong sense of wanderlust. This took them to places that were not supposed to be on their path to Faba had they followed their caretaker’s directions properly. Klevtalys looked at the sign and narrowed his eyes. “Garbanzo? I don’t think this is the right place at all…Did we miss a turn somewhere?” 
Cole locked his hands behind his head and shrugged. “Probably.” A huge grin crossed his face. “D’you wanna check it out?” 
“No! We’re supposed to be going to Faba!” Klev snapped back and pouted. “We should have been there by now. No more shortcuts or adventures, Cole!” 
Cole looked back at his brother and his smile faded a bit. Klev looked about as tired and hungry as he felt and was probably just as dirty too. The two sprouts could really use a break right then. Col
:iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 2 2
SC: Desert Spies!!
"You! Are you a spy?!" Mirabel snarled at the Clone Drone. She could accept the presence of a hybrid Clone Drone, but a pure bred one was asking too much. She had no way of confirming whether or not he was affiliated with the Global Hive and if he was then they were screwed. Her group was essentially a small army of rebels against the Emperor and they were still potentially being pursued for rescuing and harboring the hybrids from the Games. If he had followed them here and then had a chance to go back and report this...then they would have much bigger problems than Shinrikyo attacking them. She drew in a breath to call out for help.
The grey drone's eyes widened and his smile faded to an expression of alarm. "No wait..." He started to say. Mirabel did not wait. She let out three sharp barks that echoed throughout the canyon. The rest of the team would be upon the two drones in seconds. "Time to go Zech." The Clone Drone opened his wings to take to the air. Muninn descended on him in a
:iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 0 2
SC: Desert Locals? No...Something Else
Mirabel stared intently down at the marks that she had scribbled into the dirt and mentally went through everything to make sure that she hadn’t missed anything important. “Let’s see…we’ll need to collect food and find a safe place to store it. This is a priority since we left most of our stores behind during the retreat. Someone is going to have to figure out where Shinrikyo is so we can avoid him or scare him off. I suppose we’ll have to send someone back into the Plains too for some reconnaissance…and hopefully find the others too. Am I missing anything?” 
“Maybe keeping your surroundings? I’ve been standing here and you noticed me.” A voice Mirabel didn’t recognize said to her left with a slight hint of amusement in their tone. 
The Tweaker whirled around and snarled at the source of the voice with her hackles raised. She hoped that her show of anger and warning would be enough t
:iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 0 0
BB Inktober Event 18: Mushroom Madness by Ryu-Oni BB Inktober Event 18: Mushroom Madness :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 3 2 BB Inktober Event 17: Sprout Terror by Ryu-Oni BB Inktober Event 17: Sprout Terror :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 4 2 BB Inktober Event 16: The New Bean by Ryu-Oni BB Inktober Event 16: The New Bean :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 6 2
SC: Operation Save the Hybrids - Part 6
Ryu drifted in and out of consciousness during their captors trek to the Emperor. Her mind screamed that they had to fight back and escape in any way possible, but her body refused to cooperate. Her leg ached terribly as did the wounds she received from the Knownut. Her captors gave her minimal treatment to keep her wounds from becoming infected so she would still be alive to face her punishment. By the time she came to full consciousness again, she found herself locked up in a cage like the ones that they hybrids were locked up in. The floor under her rocked gently, making her feel unsteady and a little queasy. It took her a bit to realize that she was in the cargo area of a boat on the ocean. 
The Mortejac strained to look out the small port window and she couldn’t help but feel a little excited despite her current predicament. This was her first time seeing the ocean in person as well as being on a boat. It was a breathtaking view, from what little s
:iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 0 2
SC: Desert Sanctuary?
The main bulk of Team Ryu crossed the boundaries into the Desert Region after about a day and a half of near constant travel. The endless stretches of sand was not a welcome sight to the exhausted trolls. The heat that came along with it sapped their energy, burned paw pads and had most everyone cursing their excess fur or feathers. Mirabel let them away from the sands, however, and into an area surrounded by steep cliffs that cast the area in shadows. It would not do much to stave off the heat during mid-day, but it would provide them with some protection from the elements and a serve as a place to hide in case the trolls at the camp were still pursuing them. 
Mirabel looked over the group of tired trolls and frowned. Ryu, Arch, Karei and Vyse had yet to catch up to them and the Daemons had separated themselves from the group to keep an eye on the hybrids rescued from the camp. From what the Tweaker understood, the three were all essentially feral beasts who had little trust for
:iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 0 2
BB Inktober Event 15: Deadline by Ryu-Oni BB Inktober Event 15: Deadline :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 3 1 BB Inktober Event 14: Cake is a Lie by Ryu-Oni BB Inktober Event 14: Cake is a Lie :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 3 1 BB Inktober Event 13: Nomnomnom? by Ryu-Oni BB Inktober Event 13: Nomnomnom? :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 2 1 BB Inktober Event 12: Ghostly Friend by Ryu-Oni BB Inktober Event 12: Ghostly Friend :iconryu-oni:Ryu-Oni 2 1


Snowy World! by WolfLover595 Snowy World! :iconwolflover595:WolfLover595 8 8 Aya 1  by SonGoku-Monkey Aya 1 :iconsongoku-monkey:SonGoku-Monkey 2 5 Team Thursday Fire by agentKROSS Team Thursday Fire :iconagentkross:agentKROSS 19 24 Bagbeans Happy Birthday Griff -Gift- by SonGoku-Monkey Bagbeans Happy Birthday Griff -Gift- :iconsongoku-monkey:SonGoku-Monkey 7 17 Bagbeans Pumpkins Galore Prompt Entry by SonGoku-Monkey Bagbeans Pumpkins Galore Prompt Entry :iconsongoku-monkey:SonGoku-Monkey 3 3 Capria Inktober 28 - Spoopy Shells With Bay by Powerfulgirl10 Capria Inktober 28 - Spoopy Shells With Bay :iconpowerfulgirl10:Powerfulgirl10 4 2 Bagbeans Peadersen ToT by SonGoku-Monkey Bagbeans Peadersen ToT :iconsongoku-monkey:SonGoku-Monkey 3 2 Bagbeans Pranks Prompt by SonGoku-Monkey Bagbeans Pranks Prompt :iconsongoku-monkey:SonGoku-Monkey 6 4 Fluffia Pumpkin Carving Prompt by SonGoku-Monkey Fluffia Pumpkin Carving Prompt :iconsongoku-monkey:SonGoku-Monkey 6 2 AnubianEmpire Inktober 2017 by Zwaa AnubianEmpire Inktober 2017 :iconzwaa:Zwaa 18 23 Fluffia Inktober 23 - Trick the Prince by Powerfulgirl10 Fluffia Inktober 23 - Trick the Prince :iconpowerfulgirl10:Powerfulgirl10 3 2 Anjanath pursuit by Raph04art Anjanath pursuit :iconraph04art:Raph04art 758 31 318 - Cloud Tsunami by TheKingdomOfGriffia 318 - Cloud Tsunami :iconthekingdomofgriffia:TheKingdomOfGriffia 8 4 Bagbean Inktober - Mushroom madness by MiniDragonfly Bagbean Inktober - Mushroom madness :iconminidragonfly:MiniDragonfly 5 6 Bagbean Inktober - The new bean by MiniDragonfly Bagbean Inktober - The new bean :iconminidragonfly:MiniDragonfly 5 5 Fluffian Inktober #28 by LeniProduction Fluffian Inktober #28 :iconleniproduction:LeniProduction 13 2


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

I am primarily a colored pencil and marker artist, though for the past year or so I've been doing more digital based artwork and getting fairly decent at it. I plan on continuing to expand my techniques with digital painting and start on learning how to do watercolor and acrylic painting.

I created Ryu-Oni as an account to do fun art, fan art and to experiment with art techniques. Recently it has also become my main hub for participating in ARPG's.
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"It's a Good Day to Have a Good Day!" ~Unknown

"Say Yes to New Adventures" ~Unknown

"Failure doesn't mean the game is over, it means try again with experience." ~Len Schlesinger

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